About GRCV


Girls Rock Camp Vancouver is a project for girls and non-binary children and youth ages 8-17. We provide girls and non-binary children and youth the opportunity to explore, access and create music with the guidance of positive mentors. We believe that girls and non-binary children and youth possess power and agency and that we provide tools to amplify their already strong voices.

Girls Rock Camp Vancouver strives to align ourselves with and be part of a movement that diminishes sexism and other forms of oppression. We believe that every person deserves to love and believe in themselves regardless of (but not limited to) economic status, sexual orientation, ability, age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, citizenship, language, resources or size and that every person deserves the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to move through their lives with success and confidence.

We value multiple learning styles and encourage learning opportunities in all interactions. By creating an environment that respects and fosters diverse learning styles and holds space for diverse forms of information processes and expression, we hope to encourage female youth to respect each other’s differences.

Through collective collaboration in song writing, learning and engaging with music, participants increase their self-esteem, broaden their identity, increase communication and learn new skills.

We believe in carrying the spirit of camp in our work and that our joy is a revolutionary force. Creativity, positivity and community are key elements of personal and collective empowerment and transformation.

GRCV Runs a week long summer camp each year where girls and non binary children and youth form bands, learn an instrument, attend workshops, write songs and ultimately perform songs in front of an audience. Go to our official Girls Rock Camp Vancouver website to learn more.

Contact us if you’re interested in volunteering with GRCV!